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Existing clients may reserve or cancel days here by submitting this form.

(New clients wishing to set up a trial day, click here!)

    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays have had waiting lists recently! 
    • Please call us at (206)782-4321 instead of using this form in the following circumstances:
      –It is past Friday at 7pm and you need to reserve for the following Tuesday.
      –It is past Monday at 10am and you need to reserve for the following Wednesday or Thursday.

    • Your reservations and cancellations will be processed as they come in throughout the day.
    • Reservations sent in over the weekend will not be seen until Monday morning. Monday is the one day where we never fill up, so last minute requests sent in on Sunday are fine!
    • We never like turning away dogs at the door so please do call to ensure there is space!
    • You will only hear back from us if we do not have space for your dog on the day requested.
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