Dog Daycare Registration Form

 Please be sure your dog meets these requirements:

  • Plays with groups of dogs (including unfamiliar dogs) at least once a week with no concerns
  • Able to interact safely with all sizes of dogs; Does not scare or pounce on small dogs.
  • If recently adopted, your dog has been in your home at least 14 days with no signs of illness
  • If recently adopted and your dog is over 5 months of age, you have observed your dog playing well with all sizes of dogs and have taken them to the dog park at least 6 times
  • Does not bark excessively during play
  • Able to share toys
  • Not protective of food or toys to an aggressive degree
  • Your dog has never bitten and broken the skin on a human or another dog. (Puppy mouthing/biting ok)
  • 14 weeks of age and has had at least two rounds of vaccinations
  • Male dogs are neutered if over 12 months of age
  • Unspayed female dogs are not in heat and it is at least three weeks AFTER last heat cycle
  • Current on all vaccinations deemed necessary by your vet
  • Clear fecal exam within the last 45 days
  • In good health and free from communicable diseases
  • If your dog is obese (an 8 or 9 on the Purina Body Condition System), you have written vet approval to start daycare.

Give us a call at 206-782-4321 if you have any questions about your dog’s suitability for the daycare environment.


Owner's Information

Owner's Name:
Co-Owner's Name:
Best Daytime Phone:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Emergency Contact:
Emergency Phone:
Email Address:
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Street Address:
Because many of our dog clients have numerous and changing caregivers, our authorized pickup policy is as follows: We will release your dog to anyone who can tell us your dog's full name, an owner's full name, and a description of your dog.
 I understand your pick up policy.
 I need Custody Restrictions for my dog and will supply photos, names, and phone numbers for the limited number of people who are authorized to pick up my dog.
 I need Custody Restrictions for my dog and will supply photos and names of the limited number of people who are UNAUTHORIZED to pick up my dog.

Please let us know how you heard about us.
 Saw Sign Google Other Internet Auction A Friend Vet Clinic Trainer Pet Store Other
* If you heard about us from a friend or a local business, please let us know who so we can say "Thank you!" to them:

Dog's Information

If you are enrolling more than one dog, please fill this form out for each dog.

Dog's Name:
 Male Female
At what age was your dog spayed or neutered?
If your dog is not spayed or neutered, at what age are you planning to do this?
Where did you get your dog?
How long have you had your dog?
Describe any prior daycare experience:
Expected number of days your dog will need daycare:
 Temporary Care Only once/week 2-3 days/week 4-5 days/week 1-3 days/month
Reason for enrolling your dog in daycare: (please select all that apply)
 Needs Exercise Cannot be left alone Socialization Housetraining issues at home Temporary Care Only Other
If you selected "Other" above, please specify:

Health Information

Vet Name and Clinic:
Vet Phone:
Known allergies:
Brand of food:
If your dog ever coughs due to tracheal damage, allergies, pressure from collar on throat, or any other reason, please describe:
Please describe any injuries or ongoing health issues, and list any medication needed for behavioral or medical issues:


Location and date of prior training classes:
Any training challenges?
Any training equipment used on walks?


How often does your dog engage in group play with unfamiliar dogs?
Types or breeds of dog your dog does not like:
Any kinds of people your dog automatically doesn't like?
Has you dog ever growled at a person?  Yes Please describe:
Has you dog ever bitten a person?  Yes Please describe:
Has you dog ever bitten a dog?  Yes Please describe:

Please select the words that describe your dog:

 Wonderful Sweet Jealous Predatory Stubborn Immature Well-behaved Aggressive Pushy Hyper Happy Protective Shy Mellow Demanding Fearful High Energy High Strung Playful Dominant Submissive Anxious Territorial

Play style with other dogs:

 Has many dog friends Likes off leash parks Nippy Loves to wrestle Guards toys Barky Fetch Dog Herds dogs Hates being mounted Gets mounted frequently Frequently mounts Loves to chase Loves to be chased Likes people more than dogs Scares small dogs Afraid of big dogs Gentle with small dogs Yelps or Screams Loud Mouthy Won't start a fight but will fight back if another dog starts something

Please select any of the behaviors that might sometimes apply to your dog:

 Afraid of vacuums Does not obey Mouthy/bites people Attacks dogs when on leash Barks excessively Escape artist Toy-possessive Destroys Toys Noise phobias Separation anxiety Eats non-food items Growls at some strangers Kills small critters People-aggressive Can't grab collar Jumps Fences Jumps on people Eats Poop Guards food Can't be brushed Has needed surgery due to ingesting non-food item
Please add anything else we should know about your dog: