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Dana is the owner of Fuzzy Buddy’s, fulfilling a childhood dream she didn’t even know she had! Her dog Mango inspired her to throw aside her work as an artist and devote her life to the dogs back in January 2000. She established City Critters, a dog walking and training service. She took over ownership of Fuzzy Buddy’s in September 2005. She is obsessively interested in dog training and how dogs learn. She loves reading about dogs, going to seminars to learn more about dogs, playing with dogs and training dogs. She also loves running around Green Lake with her Border Collie mix, Jedi. They can be found there most evenings. She holds the advanced certification of CPDT-KSA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer,- Knowledge and Skills Assessed) and enjoys teaching dog training classes at Fuzzy Buddy’s. She shares her life with Jedi the Border Collie mix, Yolo the Bearded Dragon, and Dillon and Finley her human puppies.


Viva comes to us from the Maryland/Virginia area. She was the grateful parent to Puppet for 18 years! Now she enjoys the company of a cat named Moxie, and two children, Zeke and Eli. She has worked at Fuzzy Buddy’s since 2005. She finds her time at Fuzzy Buddy’s to be rewarding and especially enjoys learning more about dog body language. Viva has spent some time in Fuzzy Buddy’s dog training apprenticeship program and is a big advocate of positive reinforcement-based training, both with dogs and in human relationships!


I was born and raised in Seattle. I’ve always had dogs in my life and I thoroughly enjoy every moment spent in their presence. That’s why I feel very fortunate to work at Fuzzy Buddy’s. I’ve been in LOVE with my job since I started in November of 2007. I enjoy all things dog-related and aspire to become a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. I share my life with my husband G, and my four daughters.


Brooke’s dog handling experience began over ten years ago volunteering at the Seattle Humane Society. She started working at Fuzzy Buddy’s in June, 2010. Since then, Brooke has logged over 10,000 hours keeping the play safe in the Fuzzy Buddy’s playroom. As a side project, Brooke is obtaining hours training cats.

Brooke is always excited to learn new things about the animal world. She attends dog training conferences each year to keep current on dog training methodology. She is passionate about helping people and dogs understand each other better and has found that positive reinforcement-based dog training is the most effective way to make that happen.

She lives on Alki Beach with her dogs, Batman, Buffy, Daisy, and Dottie, and her cat, Mr. Man.


I’ve always loved animals from a young age. I always enjoyed learning more about all kinds of animals all the time- it feels like I spent my childhood in zoos watching everything around me. We always had a dog in our house when I was growing up. Bix and Emily were my favorites, two lovable Bernese Mountain Dogs. Now I share my home with Pandora and Kiki, two rescue dogs. I’m a big fan of positive reinforcement, and Fuzzy Buddy’s is helping me to learn more and more every day! I’ve worked at Fuzzy Buddy’s since September 2011.


My chow mix Fiona and I moved to Seattle from Michigan where we were both born and raised. I’ve been at Fuzzy Buddy’s since 2012, and before that I worked at Mud Bay for a few years so I have some background knowledge in dog nutrition and care. I started my own dog walking business in the summer of 2015 and love splitting my work life between the Fuzzy Buddy’s pack and my own clients!


I moved to Seattle during the summer of 2001 and some year later was introduced to my first dog and center of my world, Angus the pug. I’ve always been fascinated with animals as their worlds always seemed to make more sense to me. I’m glad I was given this wonderful opportunity to work so closely with these dogs who have made me feel as part of a family. I can say without a doubt the best and worst part of my day is coming into work and leaving. I’ve worked at Fuzzy Buddy’s since November 2013.


I grew up in Shoreline and now live in Edmonds with three dogs: Little the terrier mix, Meera the Pit Bull mix, and Sasha the Siberian Husky. I’ve always loved animals and can’t imagine a life without wagging tails welcoming me home every night. I love learning all about about how dogs’ minds work and how we can use positive reinforcement to reach new levels of communication and understanding with our canine companions. I look forward to every day I get to spend time with the pack! I’ve been at Fuzzy Buddy’s since October 2014, and I couldn’t be happier here.


Originally from New England, Shanta is now an avid Seahawks fan and has the blue and green gear to prove it! She’s been part of the Fuzzy Buddy’s crew since June 2016 and thoroughly enjoys tranquility of the playroom. When she’s not at Fuzzy Buddy’s, she’s probably somewhere outside: gardening, picnicking, or exploring the trails with her two dogs and her girlfriend April.


Originally from Louisiana, I am new to the animal care experience and even though I am new, I want to learn all I can while working with the great staff of Fuzzy’s. Upon moving, I brought along my first dog, an 8yo Chihuahua named Pablo (middle name “Tito” (after the movie Oliver & Company) to travel as my companion, who keeps me entertained all the time and I love him SO much.

In my spare time, I love to draw and write stories (comic and children related), watch TV, eat and sleep (haha!) I am also striving to obtain my pathologist certification in hopes of being a pathology assistant.


G has been with us since April 2017. He promises to write his bio very, very soon but is currently distracted by he and Aimee’s newest family member, daughter Teo, born in July 2017! (And now, also daughter Tahnee, born September 2018.)


Angelina has been with the Fuzzy Buddy’s team since August 2018 and has not written her bio yet!


Arwen has been with the Fuzzy Buddy’s team since November 2018 and has not written her bio yet!

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